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CELTIS / HACKBERRY - American Hackberry

Common Name: American Hackberry

Botanical Name: Celtis occidentalis

Type: Tree

Height: 50-75'

Spread: 40-60'

Bloom: Apr,May

Sun Needs: Full/Part Sun


Spreading rounded shape, greenish flowers, bright green foliage, soft yellow in the fall, rough corky bark, moderate to rapid grower.


Bloom: Insignificant Flowers, Deciduous, Thornless, Attractive to Birds, Attractive to Butterflies, Butterfly Garden, Fruit (edible), Fruit (showy), Rain Garden, Shade Tree, Woodland Garden, Xeriscape, Adaptable, Well-Drained Soil, Clay Soil, Drought Tolerant, Moist Soil, Normal Soil, Wet Soil, Fast Growth Rate; t1550, t1551, t1552, t1553, t1554, t1555, t1556, t1557, t1558, t1559