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OSTRYA / HOPHORNBEAM - American Hophornbeam

Common Name: American Hophornbeam

Botanical Name: Ostrya virginiana

Type: Tree

Height: 30-50'

Spread: 25-30'

Bloom: Apr

Sun Needs: Full Sun


Oval to round shape, red-brown or green flowers, green foliage, golden yellow in the fall, foliage persists into winter.


Bloom: Insignificant Flowers, Deciduous, Thornless, Attractive to Birds, Deer Resistant, Low Maintenance, Street Tree, Winter Interest, Woodland Garden, Well-Drained Soil, Clay Soil, Drought Tolerant, Moist Soil, Normal Soil, Rocky Soil; t4050, t4051, t4052, t4053, t4054, t4055, t4056, t4057, t4058, t4059